Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Fine Whine, #1

Today, I'm going to whine! Run away!

Ive finished rebuilding my studio and have installed 99% of my synths, effects, and sound libraries.

All but one, that is - Heavyocity "Natural Forces".

First, the site is a nightmare to naicate.. links take you unexpected places.  Nerely an annoyance.

Second, and this is a showstopper:there's no way to re-down your product, no way to request re-activation, nothing!  You have to contact tech support! What the eff?!?!?!

If they respond uick and get me set up, I'll just be annoyed.  Natie Instruments is kind of slow.

If I get the run-round, or ignored, I'll take my business elsewhere and post on KR Audio a warning to beware the company.

Funny how my Engine 2 multi-hundred dollar products re-authorized in less than 5 minutes each.. I know where I'll be spending my money now..

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