Friday, January 20, 2017

Reconstruction Era

After weeks of buying gear, saving up, buying MORE gear, and rearranging furniture my art studio is complete!

Music laptop, MIDI controller, studio LED lights, a Blue Black iCE mic, boom arm, and pop filter.  All of which somehow fits on a mid-sized table shoved into a closet (lol)!  Once I figure out how to, I'll take some pics and put up a Studio Images page.

This weekend I begin transferring licenses to the new machine.  Some will be easy, others, well, not so much.I should have enough running by Monday to start recording again, and then I'll nickle and dime things until I'm settled in.

Hopefully I won't need to change things for years.  This laptop is literally 3 times faster than my old studio machine, which was more than fast enough to handle heay VST and VSTi.

More as it happens!

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