Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee'reeeeeeee Baaaaaaaaaack!

Yes, despite 5 months of unemployment with no income but selling my belongings, I now have an extremely stable contract and I'm rebuilding my studio, only stronger and better!

I have a pile of videos using my music as soundtracks, and I will put up a page of links that I will update as more are created.  I might even create my own re-scoring of public-domain movies (Plan 9 is nowpublic domain, yaa hoo).

I have almost ll the hardware I need and this Payday I will purchase the last of it.  This weekend I should comlete moing most of my DAW software, loops, and plugins to the new music machine, so as soon as the mic and table lamps arrie I can go back into full production mode.

I've re-purchased all my critical plugins and picked up a few more, suited to cinematic tracks and more ambient typle libraries.  So I should be good to go.

Lets get the party started!

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