Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just not blogging enough!

I tell you, real life gets n the way of blogging and music!

Since last blog post, I've composed seeral tracks and posted them to SoundCloud, posted on Facebook for each new track, rearranged the studio, been consumed in shipping a new medical device, boght a new crock pot (lol) and re-re-re-re-ogranised everything.  Yow!

I took 3/24 and 3/27 off to relax and work in the studio.  I need a break, work has been 247 insanity during ship time.

Oh, and I'm selling my MID conroller and am buying a guitar to turn into a gguitar+MDI Controller.

After 15 years of lusting ater a Fender Modern Player Tele Plus, as soon as my paycheck shows up I'm ordering one.  But, the shop at Sweetwater will be doing some mods for me.

I'm replacing all 3 pickups with Seymour Duncan versions of the singe-coil Tee neck, Srat middle, and coil-tapped humbucker bridge.  I'm also getting the pickup switched replaced with a better one.  This is Phase 1.

Paycheck after this one, replace the soso tuning machines with Fender American Standard machines  This is Phase 2.

And finally, third paycheck in I buy the Fishman Triple Pay wireess guitar-to-MIDI converter, and will likely instal it myself.  Tuners and external gear are not a problem, but I can't solder worth a damn any more.

Yesm it's risky.  In theory it takes 23 years to re-learn, and I'm an old man, but YOLO you know.  I can still pure-compose music, I've put out 2 tracks in the past 2 weeks without using my MIDI keyboard, which is uninstalled right now.

Sometimes, you just have to bite the damn bullet and go for it.  I'm tired of playing it safe!

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